18 Ekim 2009

Topi mırıldanıyor...

Evet. Topi sevdiğimde minik mırıltı sesleri çıkartmaya başladı. İyice geveze oldu yani başımıza! Tavşanların ses çıkartması pek hayıra işaret değildir diye endişelendim ve en büyük tavşan mailing liste bu soruyu sordum. "Ey dostlar, bizim davşan ötüyo, ne ola ki bu?". Kusura bakmayın hepsi İngilizce.

Gelen cevaplar iç rahatlatıcı, yüreklere su serpici ve bilgilendirici. Benim açımdan ayrıca çok sevindirici. Bizim bebe mini mini sevgi ve mutluluk nidaları çıkarıyormuş meğersem. Yaşlandkça tavşanların sesler değişirmiş -bunu da yeni öğrendim. Özellikle "I get "talked to" all day!! " yorumuna yerlere yattım. En sonda da arkadaşımın cevabı var, ona ayrıca sormuştum. Onun da siyah-beyaz bir tavşanı vardı biz universtedeyken.

Özet: Tavşanlar yaşlandıkça gevezeleşiyorlar :)


Hello all,

I have a 5 yr old female Dutch who is very sweet. Lately she has been making this tiny little noises (sort of like a very soft nasal purr) when I pet her. In the past she did make some humming sounds when she objected being handled which are pretty rare since I never force her to do anything she doesn't want.

My logic tells me that those must be pure pleasure sounds since her body language tells me she is happy and relaxed. She gave me kisses afterwards, too. But on the other hand, I'm worried that those sounds might mean something else. The usual rule of thumb on rabbit-care books and references goes: "a rabbit does not produce any sounds unless she is scared or in extreme pain". So what's going on?

Does anyone have a suggestion what those sounds might mean?


Hi lpek

This sounds like toothpurring which is, as you suggest, a pleasure sound.

Contrary to books, my rabbits *do* make sounds, mostly of pleasure. Mutterings, purring, it's hard to describe some of their noises - the best I can say is 'chuntering'. There are angry noises too and pain noises (which happily I haven't heard from mine) and most are quiet - you have to listen closely to your rabbit to hear them.

The pain sound, tooth grinding, is different from purring. It's a louder sound and would be accompanied by signs that your rabbit is unwell. As long as there are no such signs, she is eating well, poops and pee are appearing when you expect them and are as you would expect to see, and the sounds are only coming when something good is happening, then this is more than likely toothpurring.

Purrs do differ from one rabbit to another. Sometimes you can only see the mouth moving and not hear much sound. I've searched YouTube for an example for you and although in many of the videos about this, it's possible to *see* that the rabbits are purring, this is the one I've found where you can hear it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iExr4biCLqA&NR=1

It's probably worth trying some of those other purring videos and listening to find whether what you see/hear reminds you of what you're hearing from your rabbit. A good site for rabbit language is The Language of Lagomorphs



When your bunny is in a relaxed position, and slowly grinding teeth, that
is a bunny "purr". "I'm happy to be with you, and please don't stop petting

If the bunny is hunched up in a "ball" position and grinding loudly, that
means pain, and to the vet we go.



> "a rabbit does not produce any sounds unless she is scared
> or in extreme pain"

I think they're referring to the scream that none of use ever want to hear. You will not be able to confuse this when you hear it (thankfully I've never heard it from my buns, but have in a video. It's heartbreaking, loud, shrill - you would not mistake it for anything else).

But to say they make NO other sounds is certainly not true!! I'm not sure if what you're hearing is tooth purring as you say it's from the nose. But perhaps you are mistaking it? Listen closely, a tooth purr is like a "chomp-chomp-chomp." Some bunnies like my girl do it so quietly you only know they're doing it if your hands on their head and feel it. Some, like my boy, you can hear doing it clear across the room.

Perhaps if the sound is from the nose, you are hearing a little snore? When my girl hit 5, she started to snore when she was very relaxed. Sometimes it is a whistle I can hear in the next room and sometimes it's like a very quiet snore. (Yes, we've had her checked for respiratory issues and she's fine.) The sound does seem to come from her nose.

Other noises - not all buns make them. My boy makes the tooth purr exclusively, but my girl has a whole array of sounds she makes. When she's happy to see me and bounding up to my feet, she sort of mutters under her breath as she's sniffing my legs. When she's REALLY excited for her breakfast/dinner, she sort of oinks/grunts while she's eating it. When I pick her up, she does this teeny tiny whimper, almost like a dog whining. My vet tech calls it the "Rex whimper." She said she's seen a lot of them who do it. She gives me the puppy dog eyes when she's doing it. To me it says "Look how adorable I am - Now how about you put me down, huh??" She grunts when she's mad and you can tell the degree of anger by the volume of the grunt. Sometimes, if someone she doesn't know tries to pick her up, it's an all-out growl (THAT keeps people from handling my bunnies!!) And of course, she snores.

SO - I don't think rabbits only make sounds when something dire is happening! I get "talked to" all day!!



She loves you! That purring is so sweet. I have a female Dutch who only purrs with me. She hates other bunnies and I can`t get her to bond with my Bunkie girl. As long as the noises are soft. And the nasal thing is because bunnies are nasal breathers. They don`t use their mouths like we do or other animals do. That`s why their noses are always moving. If you hear a loud noise a lot like people when they grind their teeth, take her to a vet. This type of grinding means pain. If I am not mistaken, I think you are in Turkey and I don`t know about vets over there. But there is a rescue listed. I know this because my best friend is Turkish. If I`m wrong, I apologize. Hope this info helps. But if I`m right, I`d be interested to know about vets over there...

Teri, Bunkie and Maddox


Hmmm...well, I remember that Bob did "purr" (the tooth-grinding, vibrating sensation more than a sound) when I petted her. I certainly can't prove this, but the first thing that pops into my mind is that Topi's "voice" might be changing as she ages. As you noted, she makes this sound when her body language expresses comfort and happiness, so it's probably not a sign that she's upset or in pain. Parakeets' voices change over time, so it might be possible that Topi has started making this sound now that she's reached middle age. Perhaps she always made the sound/vibration/whatever and it's only increased lately because she's aging and dealing with getting over her infection, etc.


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