26 Ekim 2009

Dişi tavşanlarda görünen hastalık yüzdesi ile ilgili bir çalışma

Etherbun Mailing listten alıntı. (oldukça sinir bozucu)


I read the reference and first thing that I noted was the fact that the
study was done on a total of 47 rabbits that *displayed* some type of
uterine disorder. (Does not seem to be a random sample of 47 rabbits)

Of the 47 rabbits they determined the cause of the uterine disorder which is
broken down to the following list of *ailments*

14 cases - endometrial hyperplasia (condition that occurs when the lining of
the uterus - endometrium grows too much. It is a benign condition)

10 cases - uterine adenocarcinoma (uterine cancer)

6 cases - hydrometra (accumulation of thin mucous or other warery fluid in
the uterus)

4 cases - endometrial thrombus (blood clot in the lining of the uterus)

1 cases - pyometra (abscessed, pus-filled infected uterus)

1 case - fibroma mucinosum ( benign tumor that contains a large amount of
mature fibroblasts and connective tissue)

5 cases - adenoma (a collection of benign growths of glandular origin)

4 cases - leiomyoma (benign smooth muscle neoplasm that is not
premalignant - similar to fibroid tumors)

1 case - leiomyosarcoma (A malignant (cancerous) tumor of smooth muscle
cells but is most common in the uterus)

So to me it appears that 11 of the 47 rabbits had a form of cancer. I would
also be concerned with the 5 rabbits that had pyometra and endometrial

The study did state that 17 of the 47 rabbits died within 3 MONTHS!

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