17 Kasım 2009

Pyometra (Piyale Madra??)

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Hello everyone,

I recently posted a question about our bun 'purring' . Thank you all for your answers and comments. Here is another question, and I'm afraid this one is quite a problem.

Our 5 year old female Dutch has been diagnoses with pyometra: infection of the uterus causin puss and blood in urine. She hasn't been fixed, and I know this was a mistake but please don't fuss about this. We were aware of the high health risks of not doing so, but we couldn't find a vet who has experience on rabbits, back when she was younger. We are taking a really good care of her and she was a happy little girl, until recently where she became sort of distant and depressed. That's when we noticed the blood on the urine and took her to the vet immediately.

Vet prescribed her some antibiotics which stoped the bleeding, however he said that this was only a temporary cure. He said that our bun needs to go through a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus). Although we trust our new vet, I have researched and found another vet from Faculty of Veterinaty Medicine who has a lot of experience with rabbits. I just spoke to him on the phone and told him the whole story. He asked me to get her to the faculty for ultrasound screening and bloodwork before he could say anything. He said Pyometra is an agressive disease but depending on the seriousness, she would either has to have an operation or could get by with medical treatment (I hope so!)

We are very nervous and sad about this whole issue and would appreciate comments and information, especially about the hysterectomy and aftercare.I know the time after the surgery is critical and become quite complicated if she gets an infection. I went through Etherbun archives but I didn't come accross too much information and wanted to ask if anyone/anybun had a similar experience.



without knowing too many details i would always go for entire removal rather than try to keep this uterus. she may well need aggressive antibiotic care anyway afterwards due to the condition without unnecessarily keeping the infected tissue in her body. i would have her spay done (very commonly done in bunnies now), make sure she has plenty of pain meds afterwards as well as antibiotics. i dont see what bloodwork would add to this information and i think it is a matter of urgency to remove this infected tissue. just my opinion from a distance.



I agree with Dani, I'd treat this as a very urgent matter and remove her uterus as soon as possible, then deal with complications from that later. I've become paranoid about adhesions forming because of pyometra though, a rat I had a few years ago had her ureters adhered to her uterus and we ended up not being able to help her. The longer you wait, the longer something else could go wrong.

Heather Guy


Dear Ipek... I personally know someone whose bunny died years after she survived cancer froma later in life hysterectomy. This bunny lived to be 14 yrs old and had been cancer free half her life with my friend. Hope this helps...if you like, you can write to me off list.
Teri, Bunkie and Maddox


Hi Ipek, I am so sorry to hear your bunny is not well. I found a site with some great information on Pyometra and bunnies.

Aftercare from a spay is very easy; the most important thing is to check those stitches every few hours to make sure bunny is not pulling them out. I'd do this for the whole first week.


Hello Teri,

Thank you for sharing this info with me. I was very nervous about the operation but I felt that it was unfair to my little Topi to drag her through all this discomfort and pain. So today we'll be seing the vet and probably get the operation.

It was really helpful for me to know that there are examples of bunnies getting hysterectomies later in life and surviving. I'm a strong believer that good care and love works wonders in healing process, and I hope I'm right and my girl will get better soon.

Ipek & Topi


Dear Ipek,
I'm glad you were able to talk to your vet. When Bunkie had her operation same as yours done, I kept phoning the vet's office and asking about my baby. They wouldn't let me see her which is understandable because they look frightening to us because we don't get to see them in that state. Bunkie looked like Kieth Richards from the Rolling Stones because she was so....stoned looking? LOLOL I stayed up VERY late to make sure she went toilet and drank some water. Then--when I wanted to pick her up I gently put a towell under he and used it like a hoist up so her weight was even and her stitches weren't upset.
But most bunnies recover faster than Bunkie did. You will have trouble keeping her still! All the best, Teri Bunkie and Maddox


I'm glad you have trust in your vet, that is very important.

My only suggestion is to make sure she is going to recover well from the surgery, is it worth it? Will she have more good days than bad? I hope the answer to both of these will be YES!

You are in our thoughts and prayers, keep us updated on everything.

Liz in Massachusetts
Cinder - the Lion Head
Lily - the Flemish Giant

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